About the park.

St. Mary’s Park is planned for the corner of 12th Street/Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Madison Avenue in Covington, Kentucky, opposite the entrance to St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption.

St. Mary’s Park is designed to complement the Cathedral’s art with its own inspirational sculpture, set in a richly landscaped space. The Park will provide a setting to view the impressive facade of the Cathedral and to meditate and reflect on Saint Mary and her Son. We envision a place for spiritual renewal.

The Park will be open to the public and will provide the wider community with a public space to gather and to relax in a soothing urban oasis.


St. Mary’s Park is a volunteer-driven project sponsored by the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption parish. Contributions to St. Mary’s Park fully qualify as charitable contributions under Section 501(c)(3).