Outright Gifts

Deferred Gifts

Recognition Opportunities

Note – All commitments to the St. Mary’s Park Project will be processed through the Diocese of Covington’s Office of Stewardship and Mission Services.

The St. Mary’s Park Campaign seeks pledged commitments to be fulfilled over the next three years or less. Gifts of cash or liquid securities are the preferred methods of giving to the campaign. Other forms of giving such as deferred gifts are acceptable and may offer qualified donors an attractive alternative, enabling them to significantly increase the level of their gifts.

Gifts of Cash: An outright gift of cash by a donor, for which the donor receives an income tax deduction as prescribed by the current law, will be the primary source of giving for the campaign. Pledging a gift of three years or less may allow a donor the opportunity to make a more substantial gift while affording him-or-her the opportunity to adjust the timing and amount of each payment to achieve the most beneficial tax treatment.

Gifts of Appreciated Publicly Traded Securities: A gift of stocks or bonds that are (or will be) readily marketable will be another important source of giving for the campaign. The tax deduction for outright gifts of appreciated long-term securities (held more than 12 months) is equal to the fair market value of the securities on the date the donor relinquishes control of their assets, and none of the appreciation is taxable for capital gains purposes.

Deferred Gifts: Irrevocable deferred gifts (trusts, gift annuities and life estates) will be counted toward the St. Mary Park Campaign goal at their full value, and donors will be eligible for a number of tax benefits as a result of their deferred gift. Please contact the Diocese of Covington’s Office of Stewardship and Mission Services for more information (859-392-1500 or

St. Mary’s Park is a volunteer-driven project sponsored by the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption parish. Contributions to St. Mary’s Park fully qualify as charitable contributions under Section 501(c)(3).

Leadership Committee

Mary Brown
Anne and Bill Burleigh
Dan Groneck
Mark Guilfoyle
Joan Wurtenberger

Very Reverend Ryan Maher, V.G.,
Rector of the St. Mary’s Cathedral
Basilica of the Assumption

St. Mary’s Park is endorsed by:
Most Rev. Roger J. Foys, D.D.

Serra Club for Vocations,
Northern Kentucky